October 24th, 2003

Following the near-farcical situations that we have all been witnessing during the last months, it seems that the dream of Panathinaikos fans about a new stadium at Leoforos could be turning into reality. The chairmen of amateur Panathinaikos A.O., Panathinaikos FC and Panathinaikos BC have met with the Minister of Culture and revealed their plans for the new stadium.

These call for a new football ground on the same site as the current one (Apostolos Nikolaidis). It will have a capacity of approximately 29,000, with four separate and fully covered double-tiered stands. The stadium will be "raised" 4.5 metres over the ground level, leaving space for a huge area of shops and restaurants, directly below the football pitch. A basketball arena (capacity: about 6,000) and a swimming hall will be constructed under this area (i.e. below ground level). Plans of the new stadium.

Right now, the major problem regards the funding of the whole project. Panathinaikos seem to be unable to cover all the costs, so they have called for the State to provide a major part of the funds. This does not sit well with State officials, so negotiations are currently in full swing. Whatever the result, Panathinaikos have rejected the State's proposal for them to return to the Olympic Stadium, as they are determined to build their new home on the site of their historic one.

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