September 1st, 2001

One day after Olympiakos CFP announced their decision to build a new stadium, their "eternal enemies" Panathinaikos FC seem to have at last found the perfect location for their own new ground. The minister of public works, Mr. Kostas Laliotis, agreed with the owner of Panathinaikos, Mr. Vardis Vardinoyanis, that the stadium will be built in a part of the old Athens airport, at
HELLINIKON. The site lies about 9 km south of central Athens, near the sea.

This follows a summer full of  "proposals" as to the location of the new stadium. At first, there was Goudi, which was turned down for environmental reasons; then Galatsi, which Panathinaikos didnít want; then Eleonas, proposed by the Athens mayor, but turned out to be a privately owned area! Hellinikon seems to be the best choice, since there is abundance of space and easy access (which will become much easier, once the extension of the Metro is constructed in 3 years).

Panathinaikosís new home will be designed by the English company that made the plans for Old Trafford. Its capacity will be somewhat less than 35,000 and the works are expected to last 2 years.

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