October 31st, 2001

So, what will it be then: Hellinikon or Leoforos? Panathinaikos look like they are in a dilemma once again, after recent statements by the minister of public works, Kostas Laliotis. Mr. Laliotis said that there are two solutions for the club's new stadium: either the building of a new one at Hellinikon, or the expansion of
APOSTOLOS NIKOLAIDIS (Leoforos). According to Mr. Laliotis, if there are problems with the Hellinikon site, the ministry could grand building permission to Panathinaikos to expand Leoforos Stadium, even though it is located in a densely built area. In this case, a new two-tier stand could be built on one side (Tsoha Street), extending the ground's capacity to almost 25,000. The ministerís proposal was welcomed by the players of Panathinaikos, who are very satisfied with the atmosphere of the historic stadium during this year's Champions League (Panathinaikos have 4 wins out of 4 games), while the first reactions of club officials were also positive.

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