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Football stadia - Amateur divisions

This is the place to find football grounds of clubs playing in Greece's amateur divisions, from the C National Division to the lowest local league. Many of the photos presented here belong to us. However, most of them were shot by visitors of

We invite you to help us in our effort to present all the "minor" football grounds in Greece, by sending us photographs of those not currently included in our database.
Take a panoramic or characteristic photo of any football ground on the Greek mainland or any of the islands and send it to!
The football grounds currently in our database exceed 300. We have tried to make navigation easier, by organising them into seven geographical clusters. Please note, however, that the relevant pages are provided only in the Greek language.
Latest additions: 29/1/2014
36 stadia in total - 17 new!
112 stadia in total - 7 new!
55 stadia in total - 2 new!
25 stadia in total - 5 new!
52 stadia in total - 8 new!
32 stadia in total - 5 new!
22 stadia in total
View all the photos (pages in Greek):
1 East Macedonia & Thrace
2 West & Central Macedonia
3 Central Greece
4 South Greece
5 Attica
6 Aegean Islands
7 Crete

You may also view detailed presentations of many stadia that have hosted matches of professional divisions in the past, but the relevant clubs now languish in lower leagues.

Note: The sender of each photo has agreed to its presentation in our website and to the placement of a watermark bearing our logo (in order to discourage unauthorised copy attempts). The copyright over these photos still remains with the original photographer, who is clearly acknowledged in all cases.
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