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Greek Basketball Arenas

Basketball is a very popular sport in Greece, especially since 1987 when the national team first became European Champions. The result was that new indoor basketball arenas were built in almost every city in the 1990s. Although most of these halls are relatively small (capacity of no more than 4,000), some of Europe's top indoor arenas are to be found in Greece. Additionally, many new arenas were constructed for the 2004 Olympic Games.

In this section you may find original photos and data about indoor halls and arenas all over Greece. Nearly 40 arenas are currently presented in detail through individual pages. You may also find a pictorial presentation of about 20 more arenas and indoor halls. All these are organised in the two following sub-sections:

> Arenas of basketball clubs in the A1 and A2 divisions - Presentations of all arenas and indoor halls in Greek basketball's top two divisions (A1 and A2).

> Other indoor arenas - Arenas built for the 2004 Olympics and other major indoor halls, most of which have been used in the past by A1 or A2 division clubs.