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stadium (plural: stadiums or stadia) [< latin stadium < greek stadion] enclosed area of land for games, other athletic contests, etc, usually with seats for spectators (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English)

Stadia are
what this website is all about. It was first launched in January 2001 by George Xenides as a personal GeoCities site under the name "greek_stadia". After a year on the Internet, in January 2002, the creation of was the next step. The website was re-designed in December 2003 with the valuable help of Savas Savvidis. Our aim is to constantly improve We therefore welcome any comments or suggestions that you may want to share with us.

Almost 99% of the material presented here is the result of first-hand collection of data. Nearly all our photographs are to be found exclusively here. The reason is that prior to this presentation, little could be found on Greek sports venues either on the Internet or anywhere else. People often congratulate us on our efforts, but also point out to the almost complete lack of information in the official websites of clubs and organisations. We didn't plan to cover any gap left by them, but it seems that we have been doing just that all these years.

Finally, we would like to thank the following:
- All the managers or employees of stadia that made our job a lot easier, by providing all the information that we wanted.
- George Pagiotelis and Tassos Stathopoulos for the data on record attendances.
- Those who offered to provide photos and data for various stadia.
- All those whose comments and suggestions have helped improve this website.
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