August 4th, 2003

There is much speculation about the new stadium of AEK, which is now being constructed where the "Nikos Goumas" used to stand. presents an EXCLUSIVE report about the status of works.
  • The new ground will NOT be ready in 2004. Club officials assure otherwise, but they are not telling the truth. If everything goes well and all problems (see below) are solved, the earliest date for completion is in the first quarter of 2005, maybe later. Note that this only concerns the football stadium. The rest of the complex (commercial areas etc) will not be ready before 2006.
  • Works are many months behind schedule and current progress is minimal. It involves just minor earthworks. Click on the following photo to see it in full size. It was shot just a few days ago.

    View of the construction site from the north (July 2003)

    The next stage will involve digging for the foundations, but...
  • This cannot proceed until a major problem has been dealt with. An area occupied by the Municipality of Nea Philadelphia lies just north of where the stadium will be built, protruding 3 metres inside it. The Municipality will need to give it over to AEK, but town-hall officials say there is absolutely no chance they will agree with this. It is obvious that no works can go on until this problem is resolved.
  • Finally, some pleasant news for AEK fans: the layout of the building will be unique. The basketball arena will be located directly BELOW the pitch of the football stadium! You may see a sketch of a cross-section in the page with the stadium's plans.
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