August 22nd, 2002

The reconstruction of AEK's "NIKOS GOUMAS" STADIUM looks like is finally back on track. Yannis Granitsas, president of amateur AEK (who own the stadium), stated that everything is now ready for the existing structure to be torn down. Following this, the new stadium will be constructed according to the plans earlier presented by AEK. It must be noted that if this project does go through, the new stadium will most probably host the finals of the Olympic football tournament in 2004 (alternative venue is Karaiskaki Stadium). Mr Granitsas said that the stadium will close in the coming November, right after the completion of the 1st stage of the UEFA Champions League, as AEK will participate in one of the groups. After that, the club will need to find a new home for the next 18 months; the possible candidates being Apostolos Nikolaidis (Leoforos), Rizoupoli, Nea Smyrni and Akratitos stadia.