October 22nd, 2002

"NIKOS GOUMAS" STADIUM looks like is counting the days to demolition! Its owners, amateur AEK Athens, announced yesterday their agreement with a company (J&P-AVAX) which will undertake the complete reconstruction of the ground. The works are scheduled to start in the end of November and will cost 61.6 million. The source of the funds is still however quite unclear, as the club's president only vaguely referred to a "bank loan". According to AEK, the new sports centre will include:

- A football stadium with a capacity of 32,000. All seats will be covered. There will be 3,500 m of
       service areas and 2,000 underground parking spaces.
- An indoor basketball arena that will have a capacity of 8,000.
- Three more multi-purpose indoor halls: two primarily for volleyball (1,816 and 420 seats) and one for
       basketball (340 seats).
- A hostel of 60 beds (for accommodation of teams and athletes), a conventions centre (640 m), the
       "AEK Museum" (600 m) and the "AEK Superstore" (240 m).
- "AEK Live Arena": a hall of 800 m designed for the live projection of match broadcasts on video wall.
- "AEK Leisure Centre", which will include a multiplex of 8 cinemas, a bowling centre, a fitness club, a
       swimming centre, theme restaurants, a shopping centre etc.

The aim is for the works to be finished by May 2004. AEK FC will be forced to look for a temporary home until then, with the most probable candidates being
Akratitos and Kesariani stadia at the moment.

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