Terms of Use
The Terms of Use are provided for both your protection and ours; they are written to clarify the terms under which the content of this website may be used. These terms are legally binding.

1. Some images on this website are the property of various individuals, companies or organizations. These images are clearly stated as such and you must contact their respective owners prior to using any one of them. All other photographs (most of them are marked "stadia.gr") are the sole, exclusive and permanent property of George Xenides and may not be freely reproduced by any method including screen captures and/or downloads. This copyright is protected by the Greek State law 2121/93 and the Berne Convention (for information on copyrights:
World Intellectual Property Organization).

2. Should you choose to use any of the photographs that are the property of George Xenides (see Term #1), you must use a correct referring link within the same page that the photograph(s) appear. This is not negotiable and is part of the copyright. Please refer your links to:
http://www.stadia.gr. A page of "credits" or "links" is not acceptable.  Please add the links actually on the pages of use. After doing so, you must e-mail us the URL of your site.

3. You may not modify any photograph belonging to George Xenides (see Term #1) without prior written approval.  More specifically, you may not remove the "stadia.gr" mark from any photograph bearing it. If you want to use any such photograph without this mark, please contact us. We may then send you the photographs that you request. This will be done through the Internet and the photos will be the originals, without the "stadia.gr" mark over them.

4. Photographs that are the property of George Xenides (see Term #1) are not to be placed in any online collection or archive; in addition, no photographs are to be redistributed for financial gain or placed within any reproducible media.

5. You must load the photographs to your own server or web site directory (i.e. remote loading is not allowed). If you are unsure how to load to your own directory, please consult the upload data on the site service you are using.

6. If you violate any of the above "Terms of Use", we will request that our photographs be removed from your site. You will be given 72 hours to comply. If no response is received, our next step will be to contact your web host, as they may become involved in any legal action we may have to pursue to obtain compliance.