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5 May 2004

When we put up this section, it was intended to be updated every month. We wanted it to give our own view of issues regarding sports venues in Greece. It has been now more than two months since the last update of this page. This seems to be a good enough reason for some things to be made clear. is not a commercial website. We have no affiliation with companies or the "Athens 2004" Organizing Committee. We have not received support by any official or other organization. This website is only fueled by our passion and is kept up to date at the expense of what little free time we are able to find.

Not only do we not receive any kind of support from anywhere, but we constantly discover that the opposite is happening. Almost every other week someone uses our photos (which are all protected by copyright) without our consent and without even mentioning their source. Such cases are countless, mostly involving other websites, newspapers, but even official State bodies!

Having all this in mind we can only feel extremely disappointed when we receive comments like the following:
"you should be ashamed for still not updating the page of the Pancretan" or "do you guys plan to add new stadia or what? So many venues are ready but we have no news from you".

To all those who have similar complaints, we suggest that you take them up with the officials of organizations whose job is to inform the public. Such comments aimed at us are unfair, to say the least. Even when you cannot seem to find updates on the stadia pages, try looking in the forum. Most of it may be in Greek, but photos that are posted there daily by our members need no translation!

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