February 24th, 2002

Olympiakos return home, both in football and in basketball. And if going back to the
Peace and Friendship Stadium will only be temporary (for the three remaining matches of the Euroleague), the news that the football team will finally return to KARAISKAKI STADIUM have spread relief and enthusiasm to the fans of the Piraeus club.

According to the president of the "red-and-whites", Mr. Socrates Kokkalis, an agreement was reached with the construction company ALTE, that will ensure the upgrading of the stadium until the end of 2003 and its use by Olympiakos for the next 24 years. "It will be an ultra-modern stadium. It is our wish that it will also be used by Ethnikos FC, as Karaiskaki is the historic home of both clubs", Mr. Kokkalis said. It must be noted that Olympiakos planned to build a new stadium in
Rendi up until some weeks ago, as the reconstruction of Karaiskaki had come to a standstill for quite a long time. Mr. Kokkalis made it clear that he has great plans for Rendi: "We will construct a complete sports centre, where all our teams - juniors, amateurs and the professional team of Olympiakos - will train. Its centerpiece will be a football stadium with a capacity of 3,000, which will be the home of our youth team (note: it participates in the National Youth Championship, along with all the other such teams of all 1st Division clubs), out of which we hope new players for our professional team will come".

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