October 2nd, 2001

Although the soap opera
"New home of Olympiakos" seemed to have come to an end, this might not be so! At first (1998) Olympiakos proposed to modernize KARAISKAKI STADIUM. The owner (Greek Olympic Committee - GOC) didn’t agree with the terms, so the club turned to the site of Rendi, where it planned to build a new stadium (1999). In 2000, Olympiakos agreed with the GOC to a new upgrading plan of Karaiskaki that was to be completed by 2002. Some weeks ago, the club's president announced that Olympiakos is abandoning this project and will built their new STADIUM IN RENDI. It now looks like there is going to be a new episode of this saga…

There are many rumours in the past few days, that Olympiakos are again considering a return to Karaiskaki! It is said that the problems that caused the abandoning of the project are going to be solved very soon. The GOC seems to be ready to agree with Olympiakos's new terms, while the area of Rendi has many problems of its own to overcome. Karaiskaki has its drawbacks (old construction, not owned by Olympiakos), but it is the natural and historical "home" of the club, it is located much nearer to Piraeus and is much more easily accessible than Rendi. If Olympiakos choose to return to Karaiskaki, the stadium could be ready in less than 2 years, while the club may also build a basketball arena and a swimming complex in Rendi.

The final decision is yet to be made. Check out Stadia.gr for any news updates on this story.

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