March 10th, 2006

"Too good to be true". The chairman of A.E.Larissa FC, Kostas Piladakis, revealed that plans of a new stadium with a retractable roof for his club would not eventually materialize. The new, and probably final, plans for the stadium were publicized last week and may be viewed below:

External perspective
Internal perspective
Internal view from the north stand
Internal view from the west stand
Plan of the surrounding area
Ground plan

This new stadium is planned to be constructed in the Larissa suburb of Neapolis, right next to the namesake arena. It will have a capacity of 20,000, featuring four separate fully covered stands, 31 VIP boxes, a restaurant, 2 electronic scoreboards etc. There will be 1,200 parking spaces, a shopping centre, an outdoor theatre with 1,500 seats, 2 outdoor cinemas, tennis courts, and a hotel. The stadium is scheduled to be ready 18 months after commencement of works. The cost is estimated at € 41 million, of which 80 per cent will be covered by bank loans and the rest by private funds.

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