Rethymno Indoor Hall
"Melina Merkouri"
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Capacity: 1,600
Location: The hall is located in Rethymno (also spelled Rethymnon or Rethimno), on the island of Crete. The city does not have airport, but it is served by those of Heraklion (80 km to the east) and Hania (60 km to the west). The indoor hall itself is located close to the Rethymno city centre, next to the KTEL bus terminal and the town court, on Igoumenou Gavriil Street that leads west towards the old coastal National Road to Hania.
Built in: 1992
Home of: AGO Rethymno B.C. (Basket League)
More data: Rethymno Municipal Indoor Hall is named after Melina Merkouri, a famous Greek actress and politician. The hall has hosted the final phase of the 2007 European Championship for Men Under-16. This, along with the fact that AGO Rethymno B.C. were promoted for the first time to the A1 Division, were the reasons behind a small scale renovation of the hall that took place in the summer and autumn of 2007. These works included the installation of new stands, which added roughly 500 seats to the hall's capacity.

The hall is owned by the Municipality of Rethymno.
Many thanks to the Municipality of Rethymno for the kind offer of the two last photographs.
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