Prosotsani Stadium
"Georgios Makris"
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Capacity: 1,200 (seated)
The stadium is located in Prosotsani, a small town near Drama in eastern Macedonia (170 km east of Thessaloniki). The city is served by the international airport of Kavala, which is about 60 km away. You may also get there by train. The town of Prosotsani lies 15 km west of Drama, on the road that leads to Falakro ski resort and the border with Bulgaria. You will have no trouble finding the stadium coming from the east (Drama), as it is located right at the town entrance and you will see it immediately just as you leave the main road.
Built in: 1970 (Latest redevelopment in 2004)
Record attendance: 867 (Prosotsani FC vs Kavala FC - on 4/11/2007)
Home of: Prosotsani FC (Local Amateur League)
More data: Prosotsani Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium is named after Georgios Makris, who was the town mayor for almost 10 years until his death in 2007.

Prosotsani Stadium is in a very good condition, considering the fact that it is a just a ground in a small town whose team had never participated in a professional league, before the 2007-08 season. The central section of the one and only stand is roofed and covered by plastic seats. An extension to the right of this stand was constructed in 2004, doubling the total capacity. Finally, it should be noted that Prosotsani Stadium hosted in February 2003 a friendly match between the national teams of Greece U19 and England U19.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Prosotsani.
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