Panthessalian Stadium
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Capacity: 22,700 (seated)
Built in: 2004
Record attendance: 21,597 (Greece vs Mexico, on 17/8/2004, during the Olympic Games)
Home of: Niki Volos FC (Superleague)
The stadium is located in the city of Volos, an important port of central Greece, 320 km from Athens and 250 km from Thessaloniki. Volos has an airport, but it is used only by charter flights. You may, however, get there by train. The stadium itself is located on the outskirts of Volos, 1.5 km north of the Nea Ionia district. If you drive into the city, just leave the motorway at the intersection with the Volos by-pass. Drive along this road for 1 km and you will see the stadium on your right. From within the city, take bus #1 to its terminus and walk 500m to the stadium.
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More data: The city of Volos is located in the region of Thessalia, in central Greece. Hence the stadium's name in Greek is Panthessaliko Stadio, meaning "stadium of the whole Thessalia". It was built in order to host part of the Olympic football tournament at the 2004 Games.

Works for its construction commenced in mid-2002 (based on plans by Hasapis, Sargentis & associates). The stadium was built by a joint-venture comprising of Technical Olympic S.A., Intracom Constructions S.A. and Cybarco ltd. The Panthessalian Stadium was inaugurated on the 30th of March, 2004, during a friendly match between the Olympic teams of Greece and Australia. However, the stadium was not fully completed at that time. Works were finished in June 2004 and total cost reached € 50 million.

The Panthessalian may seem like every other oval stadium. In reality, there are four different and seperate stands around the athletics track, three of which have a second tier. The main west part of the stands is covered by a metal & PVC membrane roof. Indoor training areas for many sports are housed below the stands, while a training ground lies next to the main stadium.

After the 2004 Olympic Games, the Panthessalian Stadium has been used in various seasons as home by both "eternal rivals" of Volos, Niki and Olympiakos. The stadium also hosted the 2007 Greek Cup Final.

The Panthessalian Stadium is owned by the Public Properties Company.
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The new Panthessalian Stadium (October 2004) - Click to enlarge!
View of the stadium from the south-west, over the access ramp (October 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The west main stand (October 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The Panthessalian Stadium from the east (October 2004) - Click to enlarge!