June 7th, 2004

With the Olympic Games just around the corner, what happened yesterday at the Olympic Stadium was truly a symbolic moment. The impressive roof designed by Santiago Calatrava is at last in place. What was until now the focal point of all those who expressed concerns for projects not being ready for the Games, has become the best example of what the Greek organisers can achieve. A true marvel, a feat of engineering that will undoubtedly become the symbol of the 2004 Olympics.

As the full update of stadium pages may take some time in each case, we propose an alternative to all of you who want to see new photos of Olympic facilities: have a look at our forum, where photos are posted all the time, both by us and by our members. There is an English section, but you can find more stuff in the Greek part. And as photos are concerned, you will have no trouble with the language! So, if a page of an Olympic venue in stadia.gr hasn't been updated in the last couple of months, have a look at the forum.

For example, you may find photos of the Olympic Stadium, the new Karaiskaki Stadium, the Pancretan, the Peace & Friendship Stadium, Harilaou, Toumba etc. Just browse through each topic's pages.