June 23rd, 2002

Kalamata FC are very likely to leave
MESSINIAKOS STADIUM, which they have been using as home for the last seven years. It is reminded that the stadium belongs to Messiniakos GS and Kalamata pay a rent for its use. However, it seems that the continuous financial disputes between the two have reached a point of no return.

The president of Kalamata has already asked the city council to grant his club the right to use the
Municipal (former "National") Stadium of Kalamata for next year's Second Division championship. This stadium is located near the sea, has an athletics track around the pitch and a capacity of 8,000 spectators.  Still, don't rule out the chance that this move will not eventually take place. It just might be that Kalamata are bluffing, trying to strike a better deal with Messiniakos.