July 2nd, 2001

Up until now, the only Greek stadium that meets the standards for it to host Champions League matches is the
Olympic Stadium of Athens. According to a long awaited UEFA report though, six (6) more stadia may be given the green light in the near future. These are: "NIKOS GOUMAS", "APOSTOLOS NIKOLAIDIS", TOUMBA, KAFTANZOGLIO, HARILAOU and PANAHAIKI. "The condition of these stadia is today much better", the report said. However, UEFA calls for some additional improvements to be made in each stadium, if it is to be given the final OK. In most cases, works should include the upgrading of press facilities, the installation of closed TV-circuits and the building of more parking spaces. The only stadium not to pass UEFA's "preliminary exams" was Nea Smyrni.