October 11th, 2002

Last year's basketball champions AEK B.C. have finally found their home for this season! Although AEK reassured that they would play at Peristeri Arena (as their home until now, the Olympic Sports Hall, will be closed for upgrading), they met with strong "resistance" by the local club Peristeri B.C. who didn't want AEK playing on their home court. The result was that AEK came up with a last-minute solution, which seems a bit awkward. They will play their domestic matches in the ZOFRIA INDOOR HALL of Ano Liossia (a suburb of Athens) and host their opponents in the Euroleague in the LAMIA INDOOR HALL (a city 210 km north of the capital)! However, the president of AEK B.C. made clear that this is a temporary situation, as the club's new indoor hall will be ready in a few years, constructed right next to the completely upgraded "Nikos Goumas" Stadium.

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